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Besides documentation and information, this website offers the resources of a sandbox environment.

Sandbox environment

You can use an online wwwopac.ashx with real data to test your applications. The databases available to you are:

  • collect.inf: this is database contains demo records of museum objects. You have full access (searching, writing, deleting) to this database.
  • externalobjects: this a largely empty dataset in the museum database described above. You can use it to test the writing and deleting of records, and to search on records you just created, without having to worry about the demo data in the rest of the database.

The online wwwopac.ashx to use, is located at:

The wwwopac.ashx configuration file (adlibweb.xml) used to make the databases described above available, and to allow access to an image server, can be viewed at:

Since visitors will be using the databases to test writing and deleting of data, the contents of the databases will change continuously. This may cause some examples on this website to produce other results than intended. However, the original demo data will be restored on a regular basis when necessary. When you start testing the writing, updating and deleting of records and pointer files with your own software, please create new records and pointer files as much as possible, so that the demo data remains intact.